ESG processes and reporting

ESG processes and reporting

Lexcc’s experience in different areas of real estate consulting has suggested and supported the implementation of services aimed at the development of ESG objectives.

In particular, Lexcc is able to offer differentiated services in the following areas:

  • process analysis of governance and sustainability culture
  • structuring and defining the path for the incorporation of the common benefit and the transition to the benefit society model
  • policy advice for the achievement of specific sustainability objectives
  • identification and strategic integration of specific SDGS and Targets of the 2030 Agenda
  • structuring of project indicators
  • sustainability reporting and frameworks
  • impact assessment.


The dissemination of the culture and strategic value of ESG logic within the real estate world represents a primary focus of intervention for Lexcc consultants.

The horizon of sustainability, in fact, must be correctly incorporated (with a tailor-made suit) in the various realities operating in the sector in order to truly represent a medium and long-term competitive opportunity and immediate innovation. With this in mind, Lexcc proposes to intervene and make proposals particularly on the pillars of social impact and governance.

Lastly, the consultancy activity is structured taking into account the client’s specific aims of financing and access to credit in the light of both the regulatory framework, dictated by the environmental and social taxonomy, and the creation of sector best practices.