Real Estate, Energy and Renewable Source

Lex CC’s expertise in real estate makes available, on a regular basis, to both domestic and international clients, qualified legal assistance in acquisitions, sales and management of real estate portfolios and single real estate assets, as well as in development transactions.

Lex CC assists its clients in all matters related to the management of real estate portfolios and single real estate assets: contracts, such as sale and purchases, leases, gratuitous bailments, financial leases, sale and leaseback agreements, etc.

Furthermore, Lex CC provides the required legal support on real estate transactions structured by means of closed investment funds and offers its advice both on their incorporation and with reference to the different regulatory matters related to the fund management companies, as well as on the contribution and/or sale and purchase phases, on all matters related to the management of the portfolios owned by the fund (amongst others: property, project, asset management and agency agreements) and on related development transactions.

Lex CC also assists both domestic and international clients in regulatory and enforcing processes before the competent authorities, with reference to, inter alia, fund management companies, funds and SIIQs (listed real estate investment companies).

Lex CC has also an expertise in the energy field, including the renewable sources sector, and offers advice to operators in different areas (mainly photovoltaic). Lex CC is also skilled in all the contractual arrangements related to the energy field, such as, by way of example, EPC contracts, O&M contracts and Management Services contracts.